We have tried to answer our most frequently asked questions for you and attached some handy reference downloads to provide you with more detailed information. If you have a question still unanswered the Ceo Dental team would be more than happy to provide the answers directly to you.

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Is it possible to just register for one of the Modules of the Mini Residency Program?
“The Mini Residency Program is actually 9 days in length, but it is broken into 3 equal parts of 3 days each. As such, one needs to attend the entire program of 9 days in order to obtain the benefits of taking this program. As we cannot accept people mid-way through the program, it is a requirement that when registering for the Mini Residency, you are in fact registering for all 3 modules of the program.”

After completing The Mini Residency in Implant Dentistry course, what will I be qualified to do in regards to implants?
“Our course is privately organised and operated, and is not connected to a University. As such, we are unable to offer any formal “qualification” for completing the Mini Residency program. Having said that, we would expect a person who has done our program to be able to properly assess and treatment plan implant cases - at least single units and small span bridges and overdentures. We would expect them to be able to impression and deliver the prosthetics for the same, and we would expect them to be able to undertake at least single unit implant surgery. This course is worth 60 CPD points.”

Are there any prior qualifications needed for participating in The Mini Residency in Implant Dentistry course?
“There are no pre-requisites for undertaking this Mini Residency, other than some general dental experience and a keen interest in implants. We have set the goal of the Mini Residency Program to be to teach implant dentistry from A to Z with regards to treatment planning, basic surgery and basic prosthetics. We cannot teach everything in 9 days, but we can provide a sufficient framework that the attendees can then undertake their own simpler cases, and be well placed to take additional, specialised courses in areas that they may develop an interest in - such as higher-end perio-plastics, augmentation, or full arch reconstruction.”

What are the estimated costs associated with setting up my clinic to be able to do implants?
“Nobel Biocare would be in a better position to provide cost estimates in regards to setting up a practice to provide implant services, however, we will also recommend instruments, materials and equipment during the course, and this may assist attendees with respect to what they need to buy or setup.”

How is payment for the course processed? Is it a module by module basis or lump sum?
“Payment is listed on the course flyer, and consists of a holding deposit (which is applied at the end), and individual payments in advance of each of the three modules. An upfront payment option for the full course is available for attendees seeking to put the full course fee into one Financial Year.”

Are your courses recognised for CPD Points?
“CEO Dental guarantees courses are compliant with existing Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on continuing professional development”

What is your refund policy ?
“Our Refund and Communications Policies are provided in detail, via the link at the bottom of this webpage. Please follow the link called "Terms and Conditions" to read both policies in full. ”

CPD Points

Prior to the individual course you will be notified the number of CPD points. At the completion of your program, we will issue you with a certificate stating the number of CPD points you have been awarded.